June 19, 2009

Pleasant surprises

Got an email from a potential employer today, asking me to confirm that I'm still interested in being considered for the job. The job and its government benefits.

Why on earth would I say no?

Still, though, I'm waiting until I've calmed down a little to respond, and I have until noon on Monday to do so. Getting this far in a hiring process is weird. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I have to keep going.

And here I was, all ready to just keep plugging away at a couple spec scripts I've been working on in hopes of getting one of the screenwriting fellowships in L.A. The question now is this: do I want to keep working in libraries and archives, using skills I've developed over three years of archives work, or do I want to pursue something in which I have an actual interest and ambitions, but very little experience and nothing to recommend me?

Aie. The real world is a scary place.


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