January 19, 2010

What you can get for a Hamilton on Etsy

I guess it's Ten Dollar Tuesday here on the long-neglected blog.

I fell back into my terrible Etsy habit of late, browsing around after dinner and losing whole evenings to pages and pages of vintage shoes. So, instead of having all that idle time go to waste, I figured, why not blog about it? And why not make it into a game (sort of)?

Here's what happened: in the vein of the front-page mini-collections that Etsy does, I picked a theme, searched, and filtered the results for prices $10.00 and under. Then I picked five handmade and five vintage items from the resulting pool.

Since red is (apparently) the new black, in addition to being my favorite color, my theme was "red shoes." Let's see what I found:

(click to embiggen)

1. Dorothy 4x6 fine art Print by Elle Moss Photography, $5.00
(also $10 or under: some nice postcard and notecard sets and some prints)

2. Red Shoes Enameled Jewelry Charms from Gathering Splendor, $4.50
(also $10 or under: lots of crafting supplies throughout the store)

3. Pocket Mirror Follow the Yellow Brick Road by Darkling Woods Studio, $6.00
(also $10 or under: some prints, notecards, and more pocket mirrors)

4. THE SHOES MY MOM NEVER HAD by Ron Conry, $10.00
(also $10 or under: 8x10 prints throughout the store)

5. mute pen, 6x8 inch print by Caitlin Shearer, $9.00
(also $10 or under: individual prints in the 6x8 section)

Just a little bit more...
High heeled shoe card (top right in the above image), by Paper Airplane Design, coming in just over the limit at $12.00
(also just over $10: everything in the store! Adorable greeting cards, all for $12, except Hanukkah cards at $18.)

(click to embiggen)

1. Vintage Art Deco postcard girl umbrella and lamb 1920s unused from boomerville, $4.00
(also $10 or under: plenty of vintage and handmade items throughout the store)

2. Vintage Large Red Shoe Horn with Painted Flapper Lady from TeaAtHomeWithOlivia, $7.95
(also $10 or under: uh, the free gift with every purchase...dude.)

3. Vintage Red Metal Shoe for holding Matches or Brushes from The Artsy Fartsy Farm, $6.00
(also $10 or under: almost everything in the shop; neat little kitschy things)

4. scarlet ReD pumps from ipanema, on sale for $9.00 (regularly $17)
(also $10 or under: not much, although a lot of their stock is under $20)

5. 1980's Red Suede Art Deco Heels- Size 7.5 from Ginchy Baby Vintage, 10.00
(also $10 or under: some other VERY 80s stuff -- think orange suede shoes -- and a not-half-bad coat)

Just a little bit more...
Red 60s Shoe Tote - Carry All (center bottom) from MinjisShop, just over the limit at $12.00
(also just over $10: lots of housewares for $15 and under, if you're looking to stock your kitchen with vintage)

I don't know if that was fun for anyone else, but I enjoyed myself. I might make a habit of it, we'll see.

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  1. Thanks for posting my high heeled shoe cards! I am glad you like my shop!