October 14, 2011

287: White Collar

Because I don't watch enough television (HA), I started watching the first season of White Collar this week.  Three episodes in, it's the perfect blend of drama and comedy, and a cross between the buddy-cop show, straight up procedural, and Burn Notice-style crime caper.  I love some fun, creative criminals (e.g. Danny Ocean, Michael Westen) who get to be the protagonist instead of the elusive bad guy, and man does Neal Caffrey ever fit the bill.  It doesn't hurt that Matt Bomer is ridiculously pretty:
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 Of course, the FBI gets to be fun and very competant as well, which satisfies my procedural crime drama-loving heart.  It helps that Tim DeKay is so lovable as Agent Peter Burke, and that the chemistry between DeKay, Bomer, and Tiffani Thiessen (as Burke's wife) is great.  It's a fun show that fits right into the USA Network stable of light-hearted procedurals with a twist (the aforementioned Burn Notice and Covert Affairs, for example).

The only problem now is the length of the waitlist to check the DVDs out of the library.


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