July 7, 2011

188: Shameless self-promotion

Having gone from temporarily employed to unemployed to self-employed (part-time) within the last two weeks, even my deep-seated Midwestern modesty can't make me feel bad about promoting my newly-back-up-and-running Etsy shop.  If you like vintage and/or handknit goods, you might like this:

I'm trying to list, on average, an item a day.  All vintage items are available for four months, then get cycled out and donated to various charities in the Twin Cities, so at least someone will profit from the overabundance of stuff we have around.


  1. Those spectator pumps are kind of adorable. If you haven't sold them by the time I move back to the Cities in August, I would be very interested in checking them out.

  2. @mlle-madeleine Absolutely! Just let me know when you're back in town (and welcome back in advance!)

  3. Thanks!

    And re: today's post -- http://www.photobooth.net/convention/

    The convention is, sadly, temporarily defunct, but the website is devoted to photobooths and includes a booth locator. I'm totally with you on there needing to be more.