July 23, 2011

204: Favorites XXIII, SDCC Edition

I'm not at San Diego Comic-Con, but I'm enjoying it vicariously through Twitter and various news sources.  Some fun things from SDCC 2011:

Muppet Mythbusters
From Mythbuster Tory Belleci's Twitter came this gem:

The Marbled Rye
In which Lost's Man in Black finally gets a name:

Spectacularly bad hair
via GFY
I understand that it's for a movie (evidently, the character runs out of a barbershop in the middle of a haircut), but that's not going to stop me from chuckling every time I see it.

Cosplay with Annarchy 
My favorite tertiary character from Penny Arcade made her triumphant return for the Comic-Con-themed run this week.  PA is rarely sweet in tone, but I think this one is just utterly charming and perfect for a Friday strip.

(click to view larger at PennyArcade.com)


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