September 4, 2011

247: Downton Pretty

So, as my friends know, I have serious Downton Abbey problem.  It is going to be difficult to stop tracking the "Downton Abbey" tag on Tumblr when the second season starts airing in the UK, but I'm trying not to get spoiled before it airs in the U.S. next January, ARGH.  Sure, new episodes of Downton will be a nice birthday present for me, but it's going to be torturous, waiting to find out what happens when Britain already knows.  For a series that spends its first season essentially dealing with British inheritance law and the family politics surrounding an entail, it's incredibly absorbing and fascinating, and the upstairs/downstairs soap operas are to die for.  Gay footmen, the secret pasts of the butler and valet, the romances (including the still-developing one between the chauffeur and the Earl of Grantham's youngest daughter) -- Julian Fellowes does it all so, so well.  It's like a longer, more involved Gosford Park, with less murder and more alarming medical procedures.  Also, there are the gorgeous costumes and the wonderful acting and Dame Maggie Smith, who gets all the best lines.

In any case, my point is that you should watch it, if you don't already.  My secondary point is that British press is starting to run promotional interviews and some gorgeous photoshoots, like these of Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery that ran in the Daily Mail's Sunday magazines today:
I love you.

If nothing else, just watch for the shallow reasons: everyone on the show is this pretty.


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