September 19, 2011

262: The vast wasteland

Missed another blog yesterday, because I watched the Emmys and got all excited about Downton Abbey taking home four trophies.  It was an okay show, with several horrible choices (the Emmytones) and a few good moments (Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage's cameo in the opening number; The Office's Creed buying meth from Aaron Paul).  But the best and funniest bit was (at least partially) unscripted: the lead comedy actress nominees lining up on stage like pageant contestants waiting for Rob Lowe and Sofia Vergara to announce the winner:

And then Melissa McCarthy (who I love) was crowned Miss Emmy.  I suspect Amy Poehler's hand in this, since she also arranged the eyewear bit from the 2009 Emmys:

That second clip proves the importance of having presenters who 1) can read off a prompter without sounding like they're reading off a prompter, and 2) have enough chemistry to make you believe they like each other.  Tina Fey and Jon Hamm: good.  Most other presenter pairings: not so much.

But anyway.


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