September 7, 2011

250: Firenze

Palmieri, Firenze – terrace from garden – citrus & oleander

I've been doing research today, looking at Italy in the early-20th-century Edwardian era.  Happily, the Oregon State University Archives have a whole host of early photographs, circa 1915, on The Commons on Flickr.  When I'm looking for old photographs for writerly reference, I usually swing by The Commons early in my search, just for instant gratification.  Sometimes you stumble across truly cool photos. So: fun place to hang out, electronically, and nice source for people who need quick reference photos.

Enjoy some Edwardian Florence, Italy (all photos via Flickr):

Garden of Pitti Palace, Firenze
Boboli Firenze – Toward palace and stadium
Boboli Firenze – Pleached Allee


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