September 10, 2011

253: Local color

I spent the afternoon today on a 12-mile bike tour led by the local police department, advertised as a tour of notable areas in the city.  In actuality "notable" areas?  Crime scenes.  And the unoffical nude beach.  Don't get me wrong, it was a great ride and an interesting look into violent crime in the area.  We stopped by the sites of several murders (or body-dumps) and hiked down to what is colloquially known as Bare-Ass Beach (no bare asses today, just some law-abiding teenagers and swimmers).  We also rode past scads of trees that were snapped by the tornado earlier this summer, which also tore up the paved trail to the point where we were essentially riding on uneven chunks of asphalt at some points.

And then the cops gave us sandwiches and cans of pop.  It was pretty cool.

Semi-coherent rambling, aaaaaaaand scene.


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