May 1, 2011

121: Marathon

I loved the first season of The Good Wife.  The beginning of the second season was okay, and then I stopped watching sometime around November.  The shift in focus from the legal cases to the intra-office politics -- and, indeed, a political campaign -- just stretched the show a bit thin and made it less enjoyable.  But the DVR is full, so it's time to clear the backlog of episodes.  And you know what?  I remember why I loved this show to begin with.  The creative legal strategies, the wheeling and dealing, and Alan Cumming, among other things.  But most of all, I love a drama that has a sense of humor.  So here's the deal, Good Wife: don't start taking yourself too seriously.  Dive too far into the soap-opera pool and I'm gone.  Linger too long on the Will/Alicia/Peter triangle or the Florrick/Childs/Scott-Carr election mess, and I'm gone.  Remember that, at the end of the day, you're a show about lawyers who are occasionally very, very funny, and I'll stick around.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have seven more episodes to watch.


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