May 25, 2011

145: School pride, or whatever

New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries is in the news today for getting engaged to Kim Kardashian with a 20.5-carat ring.  I find this endlessly amusing because I used to see Humphries in the hall in high school, back when he was a senior and the star of our apparently very good basketball team, and I was a sophomore who didn't care.  I'm reasonably certain I never spoke to the guy, nor did I go to more than one basketball game or have any impression of him except for "is that the guy on the basketball team who's some kind of big deal?"  Well, whatever, congratulations and good for them, I guess.  I hope they're very happy, etc.

But with Humphries in the news, I have to admit that, as little as I liked my high school, it's got a pretty good record for turning out a public figures.  Oprah's favorite interior designer, Nate Berkus, entertainment reporter Samantha Harris, and rapper P.O.S are all ex-Royals.  There's also Wide Angle host Aaron Brown, a former president of the ACLU, several Olympians, a guy arrested by the FBI, and Blake Hoffarber, who made the ESPY-winning shot seen 'round the world (fun fact: I was in the stands about 20 feet away with the pep band):

So, all things considered, I am grudgingly impressed with old Hopkins.  Also, I can't complain too much, since the majority of the teachers I had were very, very good, and genuinely cared about their students.  There's also the fact that they taught me enough to help land me on the brainiest of all brainy game shows at twenty-three years old.  That's pretty good, I suppose.

In any case, I'll ask that you excuse me while I go off and continue to be amused by this Humphries/Kardashian thing.


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