May 20, 2011

140: Rapturous

So rumor has it the world's ending tomorrow.  I'm skeptical, but I am enjoying the Rapture-infused tweets, especially from Mike Augustyniak, WCCO's morning meteorologist and my very favorite:

And then there's Damon Lindelof, executive producer of LOST:

Now, I have my own opinions about what will probably not happen tomorrow (i.e., I will probably still be throwing random photos up with pathetically minimal commentary come next week), but in the event that the Rapture does not, in fact, occur, I can't imagine how awkward it's going to be for family profiled in this New York Times article.  I hope they get some college scholarships.

But I also hope the world sticks around for a few more millennia; after all, we've all been promised a Star Trek sequel and I'm still on the library waitlist for Mockingjay.  These things are important, really.


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