February 4, 2011

035: Concessions

What I would be wearing if weather were not a factor (note the height of the snowdrift...):
Scarf, sweater, belt & tights: Target
Dress: vintage via Twitch Vintage
Shoes: vintage via Gypsy Warrior Vintage
Awkward hair: genetics
That is my "Wait, what poses do fashion bloggers do, Mom?" pose.  With concessions to the weather, this is what I actually wear out:

Extra-warm hat: Target
Crazy rainbow scarf: knit by me
Coat & gloves: Macy's
Boots worn literally every day in winter: DSW
"Why so cold?" expression: me

Today, though, I didn't need the polar-fleece-lined hat, since we've almost hit 30 degrees!  Exciting.

Also, the two-plus feet of snow on the roof (!) has been melting in the "warm" temps today, and so far no leaky windows, so the ice dam removal folks get the thumbs-up from me.  (Their pricing, however, leaves much to be desired.)


  1. One, I love the outfit. Two, I haven't seen you in forever and OH MY GOD your hair is long. Three, I just started working as a photographer for a vintage reseller here in Denver, so if there's ever anything specific you're on the lookout for -- oxblood Oxfords, perhaps? -- I may be able to have her keep an eye out for you.

  2. Hey, Maddy! I really do need a haircut, but I'm too cheap and lazy to go get one, heh. Congrats on your new job! (and if you do happen to mention the aforementioned shoes, I'm in the market for a size 9...)