February 5, 2011

036: Doorbells and sleigh bells

I'm eventually going to run out of lyrics for these Saturday posts, but for the time being, here are this week's favorites:

Downton Abbey
All the promos made Downton Abbey look desperately dull, but everyone who watched it said it was fantastic.  And they were completely right.  I'm only halfway through the second episode, but I'm already engrossed.  Even though it's essentially about inheritance, there's something about the upstairs/downstairs contrast and interplay that makes the program really entertaining.  Also, the costumes.  The costumes!  (Tom and Lorenzo blogged the pretty pretty costumes).  In any case, I should know better than to doubt Masterpiece programming.  I think PBS just needs some better promo-makers.  Perhaps they could poach some of the USA Network people, whose commercials make me want to watch shows that I know I don't like.

Platinum Preppy pens
My mother got me a pair of these pens for my birthday several years ago, and they're the best fountain pens I've come across yet.  The perpetual problem with fountain pens is proper ink flow, and I've hardly had any issues with these.  I'm shopping for refills for my black and red pens, and I'm in the market for a purple.

Finishing projects
I finally finished a sweater I've been knitting for ages (previously mentioned here) and it looks even better than I'd hoped.  I just have to block it, which will stop the slight curling edges along one shoulder, and it'll be all ready for...spring.  Oh, well.  At least it's a lightweight sweater.

Someday I'd like to own a lovely manual typewriter.  Until then, I'll enjoy window-shopping.

I love that this show can do a Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode and make it cool.  I love that they turned the most disastrous anti-drug presentation ever into the most successful anti-drug presentation ever.  The paintball episode from season one is quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen.  I would marry Troy Barnes, no matter how obtuse he may be.  The only problem with the show is that it's on at the same time as The Big Bang Theory.  Thank God for DVR.


  1. careful when shopping for a typewriter--you can't get ribbons anymore (we learned the hard way).

    and Community was the best show on tv last season. this season, not so much, although the D&D episode was pretty great. paintball ep: exceptional.

  2. @kevinknudson Good to know about typewriter ribbons, thanks (and too bad about it, too).

    I've been annoyed by a lot of the characters on Community this season, but I'm hoping it's just the sophomore slump.