February 26, 2011

057: Favorite Things VI

This week's favorites:

Adele's sophomore album has been on repeat for three days. It's the perfect blend of blues and pop, and I just love listening to her voice. Amongst the Ke$has and the Britneys on the radio, Adele is such a breath of fresh air. "Rolling in the Deep" was released as a single late last year, and the rest of the album is just as good, if not better.

Leaving the house
It's really not healthy to stay in all the time. I managed to get out into the world every day this week, and apart from the snowy grossness today, it was pretty nice.

The Academy Awards
I still haven't seen all the nominated movies -- and at this point, I'm not planning to -- but there's something fun about the glitz and glamour of Oscar weekend, even from halfway across the country. Who's going to wear what, how will Hathaway and Franco do as hosts, what kind of trainwreck will Helena Bonham Carter be on Sunday? It's a nice bit of escapism for those of us who don't have to get gussied up for the show. I, for one, will be watching in my pajamas and knitting.

via Vintage Photobooth
Vintage Photobooth
Another delightful tumblr blog that does what it says on the label. It's a shame photobooths have been updated -- the last one I saw had a screen on the outside to let passersby see what's going on inside the booth. Creepy. But we can enjoy the way things used to be via the internet. Thanks, Internet!


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