February 8, 2011

039: Four-eyes

My vision is pretty terrible.

I don't wear Coke-bottle glasses or anything, but I have trouble seeing farther than six inches without correction.  I have contact lenses, but I'm more comfortable all around when I wear my glasses.

Also, I think I look better with them than without them.  I got my first pair of glasses in second grade (my mother was very disappointed that I inherited the myopic genes) and went through a series of owlish wire-rims for the rest of elementary school.  There was a pair of ill-advised schoolmarm-specs in late junior high and early high school before I converted to the now-ubiquitous Hipster Glasses.

Now, you have to understand: I don't think the word "hipster" was big when I got my first pair of dark, heavy plastic frames; I just thought they looked a heck of a lot better than the nineteenth-century accountant frames I had at the time.

They constantly slide down my nose (and yes, I push them up by the bridge, the universal signal for geek), and they can get annoying, but I wouldn't give 'em up.

There will be no Lasik for me, thanks.  I will stand proudly beside my bespectacled brethren.  Besides, there's always the slight possibility that, behind the specs, one of us is Superman.


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