February 19, 2011

050: Favorite Things V

This week, I'm into...

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We had a few precious warm(ish) days this week, up into the forty-degree range, before winter came back with a vengeance. But you were TOO LATE, Winter! I bought open-toed shoes yesterday. I'm starting to think about which bike trails I'm going to frequent this year. I'm on the lookout for cheap carwashes (which are pointless in winter, since the sand and road salt are just going to grime up the car by the time you get home) and taking the lawn mower in for a tune-up. It doesn't matter that we're getting another couple inches of snow this weekend -- Spring is on the way, and we all know it.

I love all things breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage links, hash browns, cheesy grits -- if it'll clog my arteries, I adore it. And breakfast has gotten even better since they started making strawberry cheesecake-flavored fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.  Some combination of all the aforementioned and my cup of coffee? Bliss.

via We Heart It
Public libraries
It's horrifying that underfunded public libraries are having to shut down, both here and abroad. I practically grew up at the library; what's not to love? You can get all kinds of books, movies, music, and magazines for free at the library. They have all the encyclopedias and research books you would never want to buy, but occasionally need. What would we do if they went away?

Who Do You Think You Are?
I've only seen a couple episodes of the original British series, but NBC's version of Who Do You Think You Are is oddly entertaining. Celebrities researching their genealogy is mildly interesting, but the history lessons and the peeks into people's lives in the past is fascinating. There are some fun surprises, too, like Brooke Shields being related to French royalty and when Lisa Kudrow met some newly-discovered relatives who couldn't believe Phoebe from Friends was at their kitchen table. It's my family's go-to Friday night entertainment.

(Only four things instead of five this week...it's been that kind of slog.)


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