February 20, 2011

051: Typo

Nothing drives me nuts like typos. (I'm sure there will be at least one in this blog, now that I've said that.) It's baffling to me how often there are spelling errors in newspaper articles, news graphics, even books.  Yesterday, I saw a local TV show doing a "Trvia" (trivia) segment.  A while back, I tweeted at Sun Country Airlines about a typo in their banner ad (which they have since fixed):

Before: "Febuary," really, guys?
After: Much better.

Below is the worst newspaper typo I've ever seen, where the Star Tribune misspelled "President" two different ways in one very short story.  A whole raft of people complained almost immediately and they fixed it quickly, but not quickly enough.  (click to enlarge)

President is not spelled "Presidient" or "Presdient"

Typos do not make you look good, especially if you're running a newspaper.  It's not hard to hit "spellcheck" before you hit "submit," and both the pictured errors would be caught by the computer and most casual readers.  Please try harder, professional organizations.  Thank you.


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