April 2, 2011

092: Favorite Things X

You know, X, as in ten (10). Anyway.  Things I liked this week include:

via We Heart It
Thank goodness for the season opener, even if my Minnesota Twins lost the first game of the season to Toronto.  They're on the road, so it's okay...right?  The start of the MLB season means winter is definitely over (even if we're due to get more snow) and it's time to dust off the old Joe Nathan jersey that went unworn last year while #36 was out for Tommy John surgery.  Plus, Justin Morneau is back from his season-ending concussion!  Provided Morneau and Joe Mauer can stay healthy, Nathan is back on form, and the bullpen keeps its act together, it should be a fun season for Twins fans.

After using meebo for a year or so in a desperate attempt to avoid downloading any more IM programs, I switched to Skype and I'm not looking back.  As Wil Wheaton says, I love living in the future; you can talk to friends on both coasts at the same time without spending a penny.  It's fun even when you don't have a camera!

Once missing, now behind bars.  Reliably entertaining, which is more than can be said for most parody Twitter accounts.  I was actually a little bummed when zoo officials announced they'd found the snake because I knew it would cut short the snake-on-the-town adventures.  However, the snake did manage to hijack Ryan Seacrest's Twitter and website yesterday, so hopefully the shenanigans will continue.  The account even got name-checked by NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg -- and I'm pretty sure that means you've made it.

Corey Stoll's mustache, "Poseidon"
Alas, the 'stache is no more.  I'm still not sure why I liked Poseidon so much.  Perhaps because it was just such a cop 'stache, which made me cringe and laugh when I first saw it, but when I actually started watching Law & Order: Los Angeles, it just looked right on Detective Jaruszalski's face.  In any case, I will miss the partnership between TJ and his mustache (certainly more than I will miss the partnership between Bald and Boring, as we called Corey Stoll and Skeet Ulrich in my household).  Even if Poseidon had to go, I'm glad Stoll is hanging around; he is, by far, the best part of LOLA. (video via All Things Law & Order)


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