April 21, 2011

111: My kingdom for a desk

See, I need one of these.
That's totally the problem.
(via We Heart It)
In my never-ending quest to explain away my procrastination and utter lack of productivity, I've decided the latest problem that keeps me from getting more writing done is that I don't have a proper place to sit down and hack away at it.  It's hard to get stuff done when you have to sit on the floor, right?  I don't even have a chair in my bedroom!  How could I possibly work in there?  And I'd never be undisturbed in the communal spaces.

Lately, I've resorted to squinting at the screen of my iPod during my two fifteen-minute breaks at work and frantically tapping out dialogue in the Notes app while walking around the building (and then going back and correcting the typos in every other word, because it looks like I was typing with my toes).  It's not the most productive of habits.  Theoretically, I'm supposed to have something done for my designated taskmaster, my friend Sasha, by Sunday, but I'm not optimistic.

But if I had a proper workspace, man, I'd have the Great American Novel finished by next week.  Totally.



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