April 10, 2011

100: Favorite Things XI

Short on words, a day late and an item short of the usual five, but here's what got a thumbs-up last week.

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Biking weather
I scrubbed down my bike and took it for a spin late in the week, and every time I looked out the window this weekend, there was a bicyclist going by.  Awesome.

Getting hired
A paycheck is a nice, nice thing, even if it's only for a month.  This next month of work will fund my entire trip to Vancouver later this summer.

I joined the modern age with an iPod touch this week, and I discovered the wonders of apps.  Apps!  They can give you all kinds of cool information without having to be tethered to a computer!  How long have we known about this?

via We Heart It
First thunderstorm of the season last night.  I love severe weather season, both because I sleep better during thunderstorms than at any other time, and because I know it means they're shooting another season of Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel.


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