April 7, 2011

097: Thursday Thursday

I've been so wrapped up in how nutty today is that I nearly forgot to do even a drive-by blog.  Bullet points:
  • Woke up to news of an early-morning carjacking (!), or rather cabjacking, and some sort of huge tanker spill, both on different stretches of the same highway.
  • After making a couple of long phone calls and some appointment shuffling yesterday afternoon, I got word that I did, indeed, get a job scoring standardized tests.  Income!  Huzzah!
  • I diligently saved up a percentage of my paychecks for the last couple months and bought myself an iPod touch, which arrived in the mail today.  I've been mesmerized, watching it sync my entire iTunes library.  My iPod mini from 2005 has a 4-gigabyte capacity.  The new one has 64GB.  (I think that's more than my netbook...)
  • The temperature got up into the mid-60s today...but there's still some snow on the ground almost everywhere.  I don't hope to see more record-setting winters.  Just one was fine, thanks.
And now I'm off to stare at my shiny new gadget some more.


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