April 29, 2011

119: The Wedding (of course)

I spent the duration of the Royal Wedding unconscious, since I had to work today and didn't fancy staring at a computer screen for seven hours without my full six hours of sleep.  I did, however, catch the second kiss on the balcony while diligently scoping out photos of The Dress while scarfing down a donut.  The PBS rebroadcast of the whole shebang starts in about 10 minutes, so I'll settle in with some cookies and watch as much of it as I can stand, but I already have a favorite photo from the day:

via Tom and Lorenzo
(sorry about the wonky, too-wide formatting.)
After Pippa Middleton handled dress-train wrangling for the ceremony, it looks like Prince Harry took over at Buckingham Palace.  Cute.

Congrats to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!  May they have a long and happy marriage.


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