April 23, 2011

113: Favorite Things XIII

You may notice a theme in this week's favorites.

Amy Pond
Plucky, headstrong, and fiery, Amy is always fun to have around, especially since she can easily dominate not only her own husband (see Rory Williams, below), but also one of the biggest personalities out there: The Doctor.  Sure, she sometimes gets relegated to the damsel-in-distress role, and the preview for next week's Who has some horror-movie screaming from Amy in it, but I can't help being awfully fond of her.  Come along, Pond.

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Just as big, blue, and intermittently reliable as always.  I love seeing how different writers tackle characters' reactions upon seeing the interior for the first time -- the way it was handled in "The Impossible Astronaut" was quite funny, and both Mark Sheppard and Arthur Darvill hit exactly the right tone.  As fond as I was of the Eccleston/Tennant TARDIS, there's something about the new Smith-era console room design that appeals to the steampunk fan in me.  If the TARDIS were real, and I was in it, you'd have to strap me down to keep me from pushing buttons and turning dials (which would probably send us to the year 3008 or something).

Rory Williams
Honestly, one of my very favorite things about the new season of Doctor Who is seeing Arthur Darvill's name in the credits.  Amy's great and all, but I adore Rory.  He's steadfast and brave, but we really don't notice, because most of the time, he's just Amy's slightly goofy, very put-upon husband, who is resigned to being Mr. Pond.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if Karen Gillan couldn't make it to the set, I'd happily watch The Doctor and Rory Show.

The Doctor
He's nine hundred years old, travels through time and space in a bucket-of-bolts blue box, has saved humanity countless times and seen the very best and very worst in all of the universe at all points in history.  Also, he's an alien.  Seriously, what more do you need from a sci-fi hero?

Doctor Who in the USA
I loved seeing some vistas in "The Impossible Astronaut" that weren't shot in a quarry in Wales.  Welcome to the extremely telegenic American West!  I'm not thrilled with some of the still-fake American accents (although Mark Sheppard's is remarkably good), but at least they got the scenery right.  Between this and the Neil Gaiman-penned episode to come later this season, I'm super-excited for what's to come in the next several weeks.

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