January 4, 2011

004: They call her Lemon

I am reminded on a daily basis that there's a strong possibility I will become Liz Lemon as I get older. Today, I unironically exclaimed "blerg" aloud, at work. Turning into Lemon is not necessarily a bad thing; I want her job and her apartment, and she dates men who look like Jon Hamm and Matt Damon, of which I approve. It's a little ridiculous how much I, a bespectacled brunette writer who really, really likes TV, identify with Lemon.

I went through junior high just before the card catalog became completely obsolete, so they still had to teach us how to use it, and I distinctly remember being the only one in seventh-grade Language Arts who thought it was cool. I'm perpetually on the hunt for a card catalog cabinet I can buy for my theoretical apartment. Liz has a card catalog in her apartment. She might be my home decor soulmate.

look! it's there, in the back!

I share Liz's feelings about people younger than me.

Also, we both have terrible posture.

I know that Liz is supposed to be sort of a sad-sack character, with her emotional eating, her terrible sense of style (which I don't think is that bad, but I do dress like her) and her train wreck of a personal life, but when I think about it...

(gratuitous screenshot is gratuitous)

...she must have awesome stories. So, the point of this picspam and rambling is this: while moving back home after college definitely makes me feel like a loser, it's okay, because Liz Lemon is kind of a loser, and she's doing all right.

Or I could just, you know, adopt Tina Fey as a role model instead. Hmm.


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