January 20, 2011

020: Cryogenics

Everybody in the house ran out to do errands today, when the high temperature was somewhere around eight degrees Fahrenheit.  Balmy!  It wasn't bad, so long as you remembered to wear your long johns and didn't take any walks longer than parking lot-to-building and vice versa.

Why venture out today?  Because tomorrow's outlook is somewhat more unsettling:
High of 1 degree. The overnight windchills are predicted between -25 and -40 degrees.
Part of me actually enjoys this godforsaken weather, in part because I love seeing the looks on the faces of non-Midwesterners when you tell them about this kind of windchill, and how 20 degrees above zero starts to feel positively springlike in late February.  The utter horror is worth it, every time.  Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely miserable and literally dangerous to venture out in temperatures that far below zero -- but once you've done it, you've earned bragging rights, and that's got to be worth something, right?


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