January 18, 2011

018: Bleeping brilliant

I don't know how familiar you are with Tumblr, random blog reader, but it's basically the easiest blog platform out there.  The only reason I don't use it is that I've had this one for ages and neglected it, and I'm loath to sign up for yet another thing I'll end up abandoning for months at a time.  In any case, there is a phenomenon on Tumblr that, in an effort to be PG-rated, we'll call the "Eff"-Yeah! blogs.  Essentially a catch-all for a particular topic or fandom, it's usually one-stop shopping for your own peculiar obsession.

Below is a screen capture of my Google Reader subscriptions.  I may have a problem, I don't know.  (Warning: profanity ahoy.)

How sad?  So sad.

And I've also given the internet a peek into the odd assortment of men I find aesthetically pleasing.  You're welcome, Internet.  You're welcome.


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