January 28, 2011

028: Sole searching

For the better part of a year, I've been searching for a pair of shoes.  Or rather, not a pair of shoes, but the pair of shoes.  The perfect pair of vintage leather oxfords in a color the Etsy and eBay sellers call oxblood.

I've bought two pairs in the time since I started my quest -- the two pictured above -- and had to resell both when they didn't fit.  Devastating, but hopefully it brought joy to the new owners. 
 I don't know when I decided I wanted, nay, needed a pair of oxfords.  I'm pretty sure I'm not a hipster, and they seem to like that kind of thing, right?  Nor am I a 1980s businessperson.
But I covet these shoes.  I covet them to the point that I decided to forego easy-to-find modern versions of oxfords, and have given up my compulsive shoe-buying habit in favor of dedicating myself to this quest (actually a fringe benefit, really).  It's illogical and a lot of time spent on very little reward.
And yet.


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