January 22, 2011

022: Bright copper kettles

These are a few of my favorite things (this week):

Anderson Cooper 360° Daily podcast
We don't get CNN, so I can't watch AC360.  But CNN cuts together the best bits of the show and offers it as a daily podcast.  Although I inevitably have to mute Dana Loesch whenever she's on (just to maintain my own sanity) and sometimes the topics covered on the podcast aren't the stories in which I'm most interested, it's always reliably informative and entertaining.  And Anderson Cooper will occasionally say things like, "[my name sounds] like a nineteenth-century law firm" and "I'll be all alone here tomorrow, trapped under the vending machine."  Besides, it was on the podcast that I got to see this:
"Who's the bunny? ...  I'm the bunny?"
And you just can't beat Anderson Cooper in a bunny suit.

We Heart It
Essentially a repository for pretty pictures, We Heart It has sucked up more of my time than I care to admit. 
from page eight of my favorites
It's an easy place to just plug in whatever your current obsession is and scroll through page after page of aesthetically-pleasing photos accumulated by We Heart It members.  On any given day, I can start with "library" and end up at "puppies" by the time I realize I should be doing other things.  Today's search: breakfast.

Cleopatra: A Life
I don't read a lot of non-fiction, and I'm shallow enough to admit that the pretty cover was what first drew me to Stacy Schiff's biography of Cleopatra (yes, every English major I know judges books by their covers).  Admittedly, I'm terrible with dates and I have only a vague idea of when various monarchs reigned, or who comes before whom -- I am extremely fortunate that there was no "Historical Figures by Date" category on my Jeopardy! game board -- so the fact that I can follow Schiff from point A to point B through ancient history is a testament to her writing.  Compelling and entertaining, it's more like reading a story than historical facts; it's creative non-fiction at its best.  I wish Schiff could write all history books; if she had, I might have attempted the AP history classes in high school.

Things Organized Neatly
Does what it says on the label.  Anyone who saw my childhood bedroom would laugh until they cried upon hearing me say that I like organization (an aunt once loudly proclaimed it a sty), but there's something very nice about the (mostly) minimalist photos.  I don't have the patience to organize my shit stuff this meticulously, but I enjoy browsing the blog.

Looking okay in photos
Seriously.  It's a rare thing for me, but I was fortunate this week, and -- as Shakespeare would say -- I am glad of it.


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