January 31, 2011

031: January in review

Thirty-one days of blog: done.  334 days to go.  Improbably, I haven't missed a day of this project yet, nor did I abandon it after a week.  I'm already exceeding my own expectations!  In January, we covered music, winter in Minnesota, the fact that I watch too much television, and looked at a lot of pictures.  The bullet points:
  • January's most-viewed post was TV gumshoes, followed closely by my musings on shuffle.
  • Most folks found me through Twitter or various Google searches.
  • Surprisingly, the most frequent search term to find this blog? "impermanent state blogspot".  How about that?
  • 40 visits from Denmark in January, making it #2 behind the U.S.  Go figure.
Odds on making it through February should be good, since it's a short month.  We'll see, though, since I'm doing more writing next month and I'm got a crapload of books coming in, as well.

A related note to yesterday's post: the ice-dam removal people are coming tomorrow, which will hopefully stop the water coming into the house, at least.  It had better, at $350/hour.  If it doesn't, I will go all...
...on their asses.

Happy end of January, Internet!


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