January 30, 2011

030: #*@%^$&!!!

Woke up to a tap tap tap this morning, pulled back the curtain to see what it was, found windowsill covered in water.

The ice dams have finally had their revenge.

This is the state of my bedroom window shortly after finding the second leak:
(The threadbare beach towel blocks splatter when the water hits the already-wet towels on the sill.)
One of the initial five insidious water drops has dried up, leaving these four...
...but then the sun came out and the quickly-melting ice started dripping outside and sneaking in through the gaps on the other side of the window.

This is the situation under the eaves.
Curse you, Mother Nature and builders of the 1960s.  If only there were a picture that summed up my feelings about this development.

Oh, look.  There it is.


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