January 26, 2011

026: The Blogger's Dilemma

Sometimes the hardest part of my blog-every-day project is deciding what the topic of the day should be, either because I have a slew of ideas or because I have none.  Yesterday I went with Oscar nominations over the State of the Union because I'd already started the post before I watched the President's speech (and because I don't think my political opinions are informed enough to be worth anyone's time).  Some days I'll start planning the next day's blog immediately after posting.  This does not happen often enough.  I have moments where I think I might try joining the ranks of fashion bloggers, but I spend 90% of my time at home in fashion-faux-pas sweatpants, so that's probably out.  Decisions, decisions!  My life, she is so difficult.

I think the problem is this: a blog is, by definition, self-aggrandizing.  "My thoughts are fascinating!  I simply must put them out on the Internet for the consumption of acquaintances and absolute strangers!"  There are exceptions, of course -- the White House has a blog, which is just informational -- but on the whole, we bloggers are just shouting into the ether for one reason or another.  For me, the prospect of cyber-passers-by paying attention isn't the point, but it still feels awfully conceited to think that the things taking up valuable space in my head ought to be shared.  It chafes my ingrained [Midwestern] humility.  Horrors!

My point is, this challenge is starting to actually feel like a challenge for any number of reasons.  This is day 26 of 365, and I'm starting to think I'm going to have to start picking up some more hobbies if I'm going to fill this corner of the web for another 339 days.

In conclusion, Don Draper.
(Yes, this will be a recurring thing.)


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