March 5, 2011

064: Favorite Things VII

This week, it's all about...
I love getting a deal, and between the $6.99 DVD yesterday and the $3.19 pair of tights today, I'm doing fairly well this week. I'll admit, one of the biggest reasons for renewing my AAA membership is for the retail discounts. One of my major weaknesses is that I like getting new stuff, and if the stuff is cheap, I like it even more. is your friend.

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James Bond
I'm watching Casino Royale while writing this blog. I had forgotten how scrappy Daniel Craig's Bond was in his first outing. I would pay good money to see a fight between Casino Royale Bond and Jason Bourne. It might be sacrilege, but I do like Craig more than Sean Connery as 007, in part because Daniel Craig has never dismissed a woman by declaring it time for "man talk" and smacking her on the ass.  Those are the only two Bonds I've seen in recent years, so I can't pass judgment on anyone else in the role, though I do remember playing the tie-in video game for Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 with my cousins during family get-togethers in the '90s.

Lisbeth Salander
I just finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest today, and Stieg Larsson's hacker heroine Lisbeth Salander is as impressive as ever. The books aren't high art -- the way Larsson name-checked numerous brands throughout the trilogy bothered me, as did his tendency to relate absolutely everything a character was doing -- but there are some truly standout characters, of which Salander is the best. Having also watched The Girl Who Played With Fire yesterday, I'd say that Rooney Mara has some seriously big shoes to fill when she follows Noomi Rapace's performance as Salander.

I've never liked perfume, but I found a sample-size bottle of Clinique's Simply while going through a decade's worth of free-with-purchase Clinique stuff and it struck my fancy. Supposedly it smells like flowers "in full bloom" and anise, but I think it just smells better than any other fragrance I've been forced to huff in elevators over the years. Too bad it's been discontinued, just like every other product I've ever liked. (Story of my life.)


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