March 8, 2011

067: Ladies' night

Or, rather, International Women's Day.  Have you appreciated women today?  While we consider how to close the social and economic gender gaps that (sadly) still exist, here are a few women I admire:

Michelle Obama
Between her Let's Move initiative, the vegetable garden she planted at the White House, and her wardrobe, there are both serious and shallow reasons I think Mrs. O is fantastic.

Tina Fey
I love her. I kind of want to be her. That's all.

Jane Austen
I think she might have been the Tina Fey of her day.  The paragon of wit to which the rest of us aspire.

Katharine Hepburn
I aspire to someday be half as self-possessed and confident as the great Kate Hepburn.

Pat Peterson
Mrs. Peterson taught my AP Composition class when I was a junior in high school, and she was fantastic.  She was the first teacher I ever had who was unabashedly sarcastic in the classroom, and she was, therefore, a role model for me.  I think she's retired now, and more power to her; after what she put up with from that class alone, she deserves a nice, quiet retirement.

Right.  Happy International Women's Day, ladies (and gents)!


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