March 19, 2011

078: Favorite things VIII

Late-breaking favorites...

And it's a good thing, too, since I'm spending a lot of my time doing it.

via Things Organized Neatly
There's nothing quite like reclaiming a closet and some floor space by shoving a whole lot of junk into a trash bag.  That, and putting in neat piles things that were strewn all over.  I spent a couple hours stacking yards and yards of fabric on new shelving units in my grandmother's sewing room.  Anybody in the market for some '70s doubleknits?

There's been a steady, fast-moving stream down to the storm drain at the end of the street, and most of the snow has melted on the front lawn.  In a related story, we thought someone had stolen our ice chopper, but after a foot or so of snow melted near the front steps, a familiar handle was spotted sticking up out of the snowbank.  Moral of the story: don't leave your snow removal tools out in the path of the snowblower.

via We Heart It
I've been having trouble getting up before 9AM recently, because it's just so much nicer to be asleep.  Zzz.

Specifically, listening to the Minnesota Orchestra's Beethoven cycle, courtesy of my public library.  Shamefully, I haven't been to see the Orchestra live since I was in elementary school, but the CD releases of the Beethoven cycle (conducted by music director Osmo Vänskä) seem like a good way to get reacquainted with the local band.  Good, clean fun and excellent music.


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