March 22, 2011

081: Obsolescence

Got sucked into three hours of Electric Dreams on public television tonight, in which a family went through all the technology changes between 1970 and 2000, jumping forward one year in technology each day.  It's amazing that kids born in 1995 don't even recognize technology from the 1980s.  And not one of them thought to pick up a book when they couldn't go play video games.  Furthermore, they didn't seem to see the joys of LPs over CDs.

image source
We have two record players in the house; one is a radio/CD/cassette/LP player and one is a USB record player that I use to convert old records into mp3s for myself.  See, kids of the '90s?  Old shit can be hip and techy, too!

Kids these days, I tell you.


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