March 23, 2011

082: Unemployed Again (Naturally)

Today was the last day of my temp appointment, so I'm once again on the hunt for a way to make ends meet.  It was an odd last day, altogether.  There was (yet another) snowstorm overnight, which meant that my express bus hadn't shown up after about half an hour, so I accepted a ride from one of the other commuters, a lovely woman named Phyllis, who braved heavy traffic and terrible road conditions to drive four of us to campus.  I later heard from a coworker that buses were running up to an hour late...yikes.

(I only slightly regret missing the opportunity to exchange pleasantries one last time with the friendly and handsome morning bus driver.)

I don't think the fact that I no longer have a job -- even if it was part-time -- has sunk in yet.  At the moment, I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning, and that's about it.  For the time being, there's still the massive purging of the hoarded crap in the spare bedroom to finish, and I haven't even started my taxes yet.  Then I have to photograph and list all the stock for eBay and Etsy that I've been putting off.  There's fellowship writing to be done and applications to be investigated and submitted.  I feel obligated to try to help with the care of my elderly grandparents (happy 87th, Grandpa!) so my mother can, on occasion, get some work done.  So there's plenty of work to be done, even if most of it doesn't pay particularly well.

It's Weird Wednesday!  Let's all do some introspection.


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