March 30, 2011

089: Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism

New Doctor Who trailer!

Neil Gaiman tweeted that a line from the episode he wrote made it into the trailer, so I'm amusing myself by trying to figure out which one it is.  I'm less than thrilled by the return of River Song; I've never been fond of her, and the constant reminders that she's Someone Important! to the Doctor have just annoyed me from the get-go.  Also, I could do without the kissing -- if anyone's going to be kissing, it should be Amy and Rory, who are kind of the best couple ever.  I'm intrigued by the fact that parts of the new season were shot in the States, and I wonder if that means there will be American actors in those episodes, as well, or if we'll have to endure a full season of terrible accents that are only American in the minds of the actors mangling them.

We shall see.  (And so very soon!  Huzzah!)

(Subject line props to Craig Ferguson)


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