March 26, 2011

085: Favorite Things IX

I feel like that subject up there ought to be followed by a colon and "THE RECKONING" or something.  "FAVORITE THINGS IX: THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL."  Or perhaps, "FAVORITE THINGS IX: REVENGE OF THE STUFF"...or not.

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The local CBS station sometimes does a segment featuring shelter animals up for adoption during the noon news, and the collie puppy they had on this week is, quite possibly, the most adorable dog that has ever lived.  Now, I'm not a dog person, but puppies are just darn cute.

I read a book this week that used the phrase "streets ahead" and couldn't help but think of Community's Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase). The oddball characters, improbable situations, and this week's Pulp Fiction/My Dinner With Andre homage episode all contribute to making the show the first Favorite Things repeat. I just wish they'd stop pushing the Jeff/Annie relationship; I don't buy it.  Of course, I didn't like Jeff/Britta, either.  In any case, I'll keep watching in the hope they'll top the paintball episode.

Aaron Sorkin on 30 Rock
I loved The West Wing.  It remains the only grown-up TV series for which I own the official companion book and a collection of first-season scripts (I have copies of most of the tie-in novels for Ghostwriter, but that's another thing altogether).  I still quote the show on a regular basis, wish I could vote for Jed Bartlet, and "pedeconference" gets regular use in my lexicon.  So I was pleased to see a very West Wing-y walk-and-talk scene with Sorkin and my beloved Liz Lemon on 30 Rock

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Secret double lives
One of my favorite things about superhero comics and movies is the cover identity; I loved the opening to The Incredibles, where Mr. Incredible is on a schedule as he tries to beat the bad guy so he can be on time for his wedding to Elastigirl.  The classic is the sheer implausibility of Clark Kent "disguising" himself by putting on glasses.    Then there's The Secret Lives of Jeopardy! Contestants to consider, too.

Apparently it's just a Liz Lemon-themed week.  There is a certain joy derived from browsing the cheese section at Costco.  Why, yes, I do need over a pound of Havarti!  How did you know?  If I'm not careful, the whole wheel of Brie could be gone by Monday.


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